The mission of Coral Reef Conservation Foundation Inc, or CRCF INC, is to advance the understanding, use and conservation of coral reefs and coastal environments through an integrated effort in data gathering/sharing, education, and outreach community and local governments and stakeholders.


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Artificial Reef Restoration Efforts

CRCF INC believes in investing in the safety and protection of our future as it pertains to buffering our coastal communities from devastating impacts of ocean storms.  The physical structure of coral reefs helps protect from naturally occurring waves, storms, and floods, which in turn helps prevent or greatly diminish loss of life, property damage, and erosion.  When these barriers are damaged or destroyed, the absence can increase tremendously the damage and destruction to our coastal communities from natural wave action and violent storm systems.

In addition, these structures provide a safe haven for sensitive coral ecosystems and the vast diversity of marine life which inhabit them.  In addition to our current projects, CRCF INC remains committed to providing needed support to maintain these delicate ecosystems offering added protection to natural threats which cannot be mitigated by any other means.