The mission of Coral Reef Conservation Foundation Inc, or CRCF INC, is to advance the understanding, use and conservation of coral reefs and coastal environments through an integrated effort in data gathering/sharing, education, and outreach community and local governments and stakeholders.


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Our Projects

The decisions and actions of CRCF INC are based on the belief that the coastal reefs are a source of food, beauty, security and marine resources on which the people and the State of North Carolina have come to depend on significantly for its economic and physical survival.

In carrying out its programs CRCF INC will:

  • Respect and enhance human, cultural, environmental and physical assets of the state and region.

  • Promote the meaningful participation of all North Carolinians in the development process.

  • Operate in a manner which reflects the highest ethical standards of both human activity and environmental ethics.

Currently CRCF INC is in the process of soliciting contributions and grants to fund two projects:

While some conservation charities prefer to specialize in advancing conservation efforts on a political front, at CRCF INC, we believe our specialty should be one of action and advancement.  This is why with each project we believe it is our responsibility to directly oversee, perform and contribute, and manage in collaboration with others who share our belief that discussion on conservation efforts is always a start, but without the actual commitment to act upon and perform the necessary duties then the mission will always be fruitless.