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Project GreenHouse

Project GreenHouse is Phase I of Project Rocky Mount Coral Propagation in the Light.  It serves as the catalyst and springboard for the future laboratory which will house various aquacultured corals for research and growth prior the establishment of our main laboratory. 


 Once fully operational, it will maintain over 1000 gallons of marine coral species from Astrangia poculata, commonly referred to the Northern Star Coral or Northern Cup Coral to the Leiopathes glaberrima, a species of the Black Coral which also happens to be among the oldest living animals on the planet.  Other corals will include Cirrhipathes which is also a genus of the Black Coral commonly referred to as the Whip or Wire Coral which is a type of Stony Coral; various Gorgonians such as the Acanthogorgiidae, Paramuriceidae, Anthothelidae, Paragorgiidae, Chrysogorgiidae, Primnoidae, Isiddae, Thouarella grasshoffi, Metallogorgia melanotrichos, Calyptrophora antila, Keratoisis sp, Lepidisis sp., Parastenella atlantica, Paranarella watlingi, Acanthogorgia, Acanella, Anthothela, Lepidisis, Radicipes, Swiftia, Paramuricea; True Soft Corals such as the Gersemia rubiformis, Anthomastus, Clavularia, and the Alcyonium; as well as various Sea Pens like the Pennatula aculeata or common sea pen and the Stylatula elegans or the white sea pen as well as many others.

These corals will be grown inside of the controlled setting of Project GreenHouse and monitored by systems from various aquarium manufacturers.  As it is the policy of CRCF INC to NOT advertise for any particular manufacturer or company, all of Project GreenHouse's systems and equipment is provided by various donors and sponsors, some of which can be found on our Sponsor's Page as a way of thanking them for their support and contributions to our Mission.

If you would like to donate to Project GreenHouse, we welcome any form of contribution and in addition if it is desired to Sponsor a particular system, please use our contact page so that we can together best determine the needs of these precious corals and the systems which maintain their survival.